Asian Tech News – June 2016

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1000 New Hotspots in East Delhi

The end of 2016 will hopefully bring more high speed hotspots, which will be spread over the entire New Delhi. People living in the area or passing by will have access to the Internet at much better speeds, and without paying any money.


Free Internet access across the entire Indian capital was one of the most important promises made by the Indian government. This service should bring many positive changes, as more and more people have access to information related to education, health, security and even public transportation, for example.


High Quality Internet Connections in Trains

Google has set up free Internet hotspots in many Indian railway stations. The plan was initiated back in September 2015, and its first phase is supposed to cover 400 different railway stations.

The authorities moved fast, so in January 2016 Mumbai Central Station started to provide free Internet access for travelers. Right now, 20 more railway stations are offering the same free service. Google expects to have Wi-Fi installed in close to 100 railway stations by the end of the year.


In India, many small cities need free high quality connections badly, because Internet connectivity is quite poor. To give you an example, when free Wi-Fi was offered to the citizens in Mumbai, about 100,000 persons made use of it in 2015. But when the same offer was made in a much smaller city – Bhubaneshwar – 100,000 people used the free Wi-Fi service in a single day!

People in India widely use low speed, 3G Internet connections. It is true that the download speed isn’t capped for them, but they are automatically disconnected after one hour, which is more than enough to download regular files, read emails, etc. People use Google’s free Internet connections to check their exam results, download software and upgrades for it, or search for all sorts of info – most of it related to education.


Postal Offices Will Provide Free Internet Access to Indians

As mentioned above, most railway stations now offer free internet access to Indian travelers. Recently, the postal department started to follow the same trend. The Vijayawada division plans to provide fast Internet connections to as many Indian citizens as possible.

Soon, people coming to the Head Post Office will be able to connect to the Internet using their devices for free. The costs and the needed technology are currently evaluated, with the goal of expanding the project to as many areas as possible.


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