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Wi-Fi Security Issues Fixed For Good?

Norton has recently launched an application that should prevent hackers from stealing information from less savvy Internet users. Many people in Australia access their banking accounts using public Wi-Fi networks, for example, and this means that hackers can easily access their private information. Despite this sad situation, close to 65% of the Australians believe that their data is very well protected.

The Norton Wi-Fi Privacy app for Android and iOS devices has just been launched. Whenever people are using the app, sensitive info is routed through a virtual private network. As a positive side effect, many advertisers are blocked as well, and there will be no more cookies on the device that runs the app.


Norton Wi-Fi Privacy can protect your passwords, credit cards info and blocks hacker access. If you don’t use an app like this, your information can be sold, or simply used to get access to your bank accounts. Anyone who wants to use this app will have to pay a subscription.


New Wi-Fi Residential Products

Two new Wi-Fi products which are built for residential use have been recently launched. These mesh-network routers come from Eero and Luma. They have internal antennas, and this makes them smaller and attractive.

Both Eero and Luma declare that their products will offer a strong, stable Internet connection, because they consist of three units which are placed in different areas in the house and are interconnected. Of course, if signal strength is a problem, you can use a wireless repeater, and even plug in a high gain external antenna into it, by making use of one of these RP-SMA adapters: http://www.data-alliance.net/rp-sma/


The setup is fast and can be performed using a simple phone app.


Europeans Will Soon Get Inflight Internet Access

Many of the American domestic flights offer inflight Wi-Fi services included in their standard packages, whereas most European flight companies have not yet included this service in their packages. Recent studies have proved that more than 80% of the people who are flying over Europe and Middle East would appreciate an inflight Internet access service. Since the costs have diminished, soon inflight Wi-Fi will be common in Europe as well.


Virgin America is the first company in the world that offered free Internet access during flights back in 2009. Their Internet connection speed is six times faster today in comparison with the speed that was available seven years ago.

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